Power, The Essentials February 14, 2018

The Root of Fear

Photo by NeONBRAND  on Unsplash

Think about all the things in your life that are meaningful to you. What do you believe about these areas?

What are your beliefs about your parenting? Your performance at work? Your ability to connect with your partner? Friendships? Your body?

There might be some positive beliefs mixed in with some pretty negative ones, and maybe a couple of downright nasty bits you don’t want to see. You might be afraid you’re not doing a good job in one or more areas. Or maybe any. There could be a lot of beliefs that can cause fear. It’s what the human mind does.

The truth about fear is the root lies in releasing our beliefs about ourselves and our lives. It’s the beliefs about a thing that are running the show, not the thing itself.

Let me explain.

We get attached to the drama of life because we wouldn’t know what to do without it. It’s what fuels us. It’s where we feel things.

We think we are searching for the meaning in life when we are actually seeking the experience of living.  And let’s be clear, drama, anxiety, stress, tension . . . is not living.

So, we go around putting all this meaning on everything. Even fear itself. We connect and confuse drama, pain, suffering, strife, conflict, attachment, struggle, stress, tension and survival with the meaning and living of our lives.

What we are actually afraid of is separating ourselves from the drama (beliefs) we complain about.

This might be difficult for the mind to wrap around. Of course it is.

The mind is where all of this nonsense is created.

Fear is a signal.

We are afraid of letting go of the bullshit we complain about all the time. We say we hate it. We say we wish things were different. We say we if we could only change or improve — ourselves, him, her, the situation — things would be better. This heavy feeling in your chest would lift. You wouldn’t feel so exhausted. You wouldn’t be so irritable. The anxiety would dissipate.


If you didn’t have all this “stuff” (aka stress, tension) in your life, who would you be? This is a real question.

Who would you Be?

Can you imagine it?

What if it is possible to completely declare your independence from every belief or thought stream that is pressing on your Being? About e v e r y t h i n g.

Regardless of your circumstances.

Imagine You, the Who You Really Are, actually stepping outside your body and mind, cleaning itself up, shaking all the stress and tension off like a wild animal after it’s been chased, and stepping back into your body . . . clean.

Without any preconceived thoughts about how things “are” or “ought to be” or “should be” or “this is right” and “that is wrong” — beliefs about anything.

You step back into your Self with Beginner’s Mind. With awe and wonder at the miracle of what is.

Don’t worry, you still get to keep your family, your job, your life and your all-so-critically important knowledge and skills.  Because you know a lot and want to hold on to all that knowledge.

But without all the drama and meaning you have built around it.

All of your life gets to be as it . IS .  Open and free.

Sound ridiculous? Amazing? Outlandish?

It is. And entirely possible.

The prerequisite . . .

You have to completely leave who you think you are and all the beliefs that go with it.

And that, is what you are afraid of.

Losing you. Or what you think is you.

Your ego/mind will fight every ounce of you separating yourself from it.

But the path to Freedom is to see that Fear, know what it is, know where it comes from, package it up and leave it at the curb. You can always go back and get it.

Having a sincere desire to transform, to lose you, take the leap, make this decision, be all in with who you know you really are, will create results such as these:

Energy, Lightness, Compassion, Love, Fulfillment, Empathy, Courage, Confidence, Power, Purpose, Ease, Grace.


That’s a loss I’m willing to take.

And in this world, we need all of us to be leveling up.