The Happiest Woman in the World

On a random Tuesday (May 29, 2018), sitting on a park bench, I had the strangest random thought. What if I declared myself to be The Happiest Woman in the World? Those exact words. What if I considered myself to be that? What if I operated my life from that place. Not just wanting to be happier. Not just more fulfilled and joyful and peaceful and productive.

This is the bench. Charleston Harbor.


Trusting that if I come from that big bold way of being, anything else that gets created from that place is just gravy. Being the Happiest Woman in the World comes first, before anything. That’s how I wake up.


Huh. No thought that audacious and adventurous had ever occurred to me before in quite that way.


It seemed silly, quite silly, yet profound. What kind of cheeseball would even come up with that?


AND … why couldn’t it be that simple? What if it IS that simple?


So easy. So effortless. So little resistance.


An instant…yes. Hell yes! I laughed out loud at the ridiculousness, and seriousness, at which this thought was toying with me.


I was then overtaken with curiosity as to what that way of being could possibly produce.


The Happiest Woman in the World. It made me smile. Like, why the hell not?


Notice what is NOT included is this declaration:


Most Perfect Woman in the World

Or fittest Woman

Or sexiest Woman

Or bravest

Or smartest

Or funniest

Or most talented

Or most successful

Or richest

Or skinniest or tallest or youngest or oldest or most or best or more of anything.


Just… happiest. No one can prove me wrong or right. I don’t have to be an expert at anything. It’s the One Thing that informs all other desires for anything else. I can be everything on that list if I so choose. Or none of it.


I just kept repeating it over and over … Happiest Woman in the World is so extreme. Who says that?


It’s so unlike me. What will people think of me? What will they say?


It made me giddy with delight at the possible fun ripple effect of joy that could ensue in my life and the lives of those around me. It pulled me in so fast it was disorienting at first. Like a first kiss you didn’t see coming and then takes your breath away, leaving you fluttering in a cloud of heart-shaped stars.


It was as if five minutes before, the thought was inconceivable, but in that exact moment it seduced me and made me believe the unbelievable.


The brilliant simplicity was stunning.


To be clear, my emotions are kept in tact, not ignored, as they serve real purpose in showing me where I need to question my thoughts. I can still get angry, disappointed, mad, sad, frustrated, annoyed, nervous, anxious, silly, grumpy. None of these temporary emotions will take away the fact that I AM the Happiest Woman in the World.


My guess is that if I really take this on, in a big, real way, any of those emotions that arise will be handled swiftly and completely. Until another one comes back, of course, to teach me something.


But this is the work in order to operate from clarity, from natural intelligence, creativity and flow.


Processing emotions, life, situations from “what is” instead of waist deep in drama and judgment. Natural intelligence won’t rise up from that mucky state.


Then I got to thinking, who else see themselves this way? Anyone? Would anyone else make this outlandish statement? With the statistics of anxiety and depression in women and young people what they are, it’s seems unlikely.


What if more and more women DID consider themselves to be this Woman?

What change could occur?

What impact could happen?


Could such a simple yet radical idea change the world?


What if we all saw ourselves this way? Do you think it’s possible for you? Why or why not?


I’m not taking this lightly, as in some silly gesture of shallow, hollow, Stepford, faux happiness based on the external world or what society deems as acceptably happy.


I’m talking deep, devoted, centered happy. I’m talking Freedom and soulful, colorful, authentic, aligned, creative, juicy, Divinely Feminine, rapturous, silky, powerful but not forceful, full of all the Light




And the coolest part is, the only thing that can inform this level of Happiness, the only other energy that could be at the center of this phenomenon?




The Ultimate.


If this is the foundation we build on, what could we produce? Change? Effect? Create?


Only everything.