Leadership, Relationships August 29, 2017

The Art of Disappearing Soap Reading

Early one day…

Me to my teenaged son:  Any ideas for a topic for my post this week? I’m torn between having nothing to say and not being able to decide on what to say.

Him:  Really.

Me:  Give me some good 17-year-old teenage boy wisdom.

Him:  (pause. smirk. laughing…) NO. I can’t say that. But it is really funny.

Me:  Oh sure you can. I’m your mom. You can say anything. And you are funny.

Him:  Really, no. You don’t want to hear it.

Me:  Fine. You don’t have to help me in my despair of nothingness.

Him:  Why not just be honest and say that? Show up as a powerful demonstration. (His parents must be coaches or something?)


Later that day…

After a productive day of calls, planning for my upcoming Retreat next week (so excited!), and taking care of general life things like school forms and bank forms and all the forms, I naturally…go take a shower. Because maybe divine intervention or Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic will hunt me down in there and the last tiny bit of our favorite Zum soap which is now in that ooey gooey mush ball state will form into the perfect inspirational shape as a sign from the heavens.

Yeah. That didn’t happen. But I’m pretty sure I got the last use out of that pebble of soap. (Note to self – add to the never-ending grocery list.)

But as I sat myself down at my computer to show up in my commitment to creating, something did happen. {Do. The. Work}

As it always does. {Have Faith.}

Why not just be honest and say that?

How often to do you do that? Really just show up powerfully with radical honesty and responsibility without fear of what people will think?

This is not a license to be a jerk. It’s living an adult life and communicating to another human being with intention, clarity, focus, authenticity and love.

It’s a stand you take from a place of owning your life, not being a victim to it.

So, my despair of nothingness (which totally doesn’t exist) turned into an awesome conversation with my kid, which turned into a malleable pebble of disappearing soap, which turned into these pearls of magic:

  • Pay attention. You can learn anything from anyone at anytime.
  • Be patient.
  • Do the work.
  • Have Faith.
  • Be honest.
  • Be real.
  • Be powerful.
  • Life is always unfolding and we are always creating.

I always have something to say. And so do you.

Use Your Voice.

{You Matter.}