Real Results

Angie has worked with women from all walks of life. What they had in common was a readiness to grow.

“Working with Angie was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. With 2 days of uninterrupted time to evaluate my timeline and allow my perceptions to come up…. I was able to see patterns that have led me to make the same choices again and again without understanding why. Until now. I learned that my past does not need to define who I am today. I l saw how I get in my own way and, more importantly, how to see it when I do. I suspect we all stumble over the “how’s”. I must have asked Angie this question a dozen times. Angie guided me through the “how’s” via self-discovery. I was in awe of what came up for me by the end of our time together. This time (and my discovery) is something I’ll carry through life and turn to each time difficulties arise. My life is lighter now. Thank you Angie, for showing me a lighter way to live…. And that I matter. Everywhere that I go, and in all that I do.


Heather HolmquestPresident, The Maritime Association of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

“Working with Angie has been transformative for me as a woman in leadership. I would recommend Angie to all women in leadership and women who are seeking ways to enhance their communication and relational skills.”

Ashley DemosthenesPresident and CEO, Lowcountry Land Trust, Charleston, SC

“Angie is a powerful demonstration of leadership. In her presence I experience calm focus, intentional listening and incredible ways to create possibilities. I love working with and being with Angie.”

Anita GranthamChief People Officer, Pluralsight, Farmington, UT

“The retreat came at a perfect time in my life. Angie is such a caring and loving person. She created a safe and sacred space that allowed me to grow in a way that I had not imagined. I had a dream deep in my soul, but I lacked the confidence that everything would be okay if I went for it. During one of the conversations we discussed unknowns and certainty. Because of that discussion I was able to get laser focused on my dream and I came home with a fire that I had never felt before. I thank Angie, the women at the retreat, and the experience of being at the retreat for showing me that I was courageous enough to face the unknowns, take action, and make my dream a reality.”

Geraldine Gomez, LMHCGee Gee Gomez Counseling, Orlando, FL

“Angie has a rare gift of creating a safe space where I feel comfortable being vulnerable. At times, I feel she can see straight into my soul, and she gently guides me to the beauty and potential that she has uncovered within me. My gratitude for Angie runs deep and wide and I believe she elevates the lives of everyone lucky enough to experience her.”

Wendy TaylorFounder, ECT Solutions Group, Mt. Pleasant, SC