Lifestyle October 18, 2017

Let it be funny.


Life is funny.

If we let it be.

Everything we see, everything we feel, everything we think, everything we think we think, may not be how it is. It may be something totally different. Resting on, “I’m just this way. It’s how I am. It’s my personality. It’s how I was raised. I took this test and I’m an ENFPJRTIKGNQ234$#1@) decider #2 on the PLANE scale passionate surveyor quick-start.” That’s a lot to be and keep up with.

Sometimes, the things I think and do are so ridiculous, and I’m most likely taking it sooooo seriously, that I have to stop myself and say,

“Hold on there hot stuff. Who do you think you are? Listen to that back. That last thought. That’s f*cking hilarious. Let’s lighten that up a bit and try again. Why are you believing that shit? Go outside and stand in the sun. Put your feet in the grass. Take a really deep breath. There….isn’t that better?” (That Voice swears a lot. It’s helpful and lightens things up. I’m also pretty sure she wears a black leather motorcycle jacket and has a tattoo. I’m fine with it.)

And then I laugh out loud at myself. On purpose.

And I know, I KNOW, for these people that live with me in my house that I love more than anything, it’s so much better for them when I can see some humor in everything. (Scott, I promise you are funny.)

Adding some lightness to who we are being, automatically lifts some of the pressure off this big computer in our skull we call a brain. That thing, when operating unsupervised, will run off in all sorts of directions. It’s just doing it’s job. If we could delete all the old, non-performing programs up there, our lives and relationships would undoubtedly function with higher performance. Smooth. Efficient. Light. Happy. Powerful.

With Ease.

Today, I’m hitting delete whenever possible.