Power March 23, 2016

If you’re not here, you’re nowhere…


Being in the present is a popular topic, and one that is still elusive for so many of us.

We get easily sucked in by dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.

How do we stay present, all the time?

Think about it this way,

if you’re not here now, where are you?

We only exist in the present. The past is gone, so the only real point to it is to learn from it and move on. The future will never be here, so the best we can do is make the necessary  plans to keep life going, and release the attachment to what will actually occur.

Not being in the present moment causes anxiety, stress and overwhelm because our minds are constantly jumping from future to future. A future that doesn’t exist yet.

Being “stuck” (another popular word) is just the inability to be present and committed to life.

Commitment can only happen in the present moment. I can’t be committed to writing this post in two weeks. I can schedule it and plan out my writing, but the committed action only occurs as I am writing it, in present time.

Three things that are helpful in staying out of stuck and moving into the present:

1. Organize your day – have specified times for planning, scheduling, thinking about the future so that the rest of your day is spent executing the necessary required actions.

2. Ask yourself, what can I do RIGHT NOW, what can I commit to in this moment, that will move me out of this unworkable feeling?

3. Stop and look around you. Notice where you are with the purpose of observing your surroundings. Without judgment, see everything close to you. Even start naming things…this is my computer. This is a pen. This is my desk. This is my child. This is my husband. Be where you are without judging where you think you need to be.

The more we can practice living in the present and executing what we need to do now, instead of pushing off our commitments to some point in the future, we will set up more ease, flow and joy in our lives.

Being present in your life is one of the greatest gifts you can give the people you love. When we can reduce or eliminate the anxiety and worry we carry needlessly for some scenario that hasn’t even happened yet, it frees up so much space for laughter, peace, having fun and really BEING.

You know what else can only exist in the present?


It’s always sending an invitation for your company.

Are you there to accept it?

Loving you right now,