Leadership, Power June 21, 2017

Sharks, Gucci and Commitment

Image by Dylan Siebal

My husband and my daughter are extraordinary examples of commitment. Once they get an idea of something they want — want to do, want to accomplish, want to learn, want to have — they grab on like a shark and will NOT let it go. For Scott, it’s one of the reasons he is so successful. Ellie is on Gucci sneakers right now. She’s 15. As persistent as she is, that one’s going to take enormous commitment.

Commitment is a word we hear often in language, in conversations. It’s something we take pride in saying, like we really mean it.

“How committed are you to ______ ?”

“Oh, I’m absolutely committed.”

Then thing _______ never happens, or someone experiences disappointment, and we beat ourselves up for not following through, again. Or not being good enough, again. Even though we thought, we knew, we wanted ______ .

Our conscious mind is telling us we’re committed. It feels committed. I really want ______ this time.

And yet, there is a breakdown somewhere.

Commitment is not about desire. Or wanting something. Or having the perfect plan.

Commitment is about action.

It is when you take action to follow through on _______ in spite of internal obstacles — thoughts, emotions or feelings. Or external obstacles — “My car is in the shop.” Take an Uber or get a ride. Figure it out.

And the thing about commitment…it sometimes seems to invite obstacles up to be cleared away. You have to see them for what they are, not create drama and story about the thing, and get to the business of focusing on the commitment.

You stop using reasons as excuses and figure it out.

When you are really, actually committed to something, you will find, create and cultivate the determination to persist.

You will be relentless. Unstoppable. Unwavering. Persistent. Consistent.

Until you are 100% committed, there will be indecision, doubt and a lack of applied action. (Not the “busy” type of action that keeps you busy and not getting results.)

Commitment is a powerful tool of creation and performance.

You know what you are committed to by looking around at your life. Those are the results of your commitments.

My money is on Ellie walking out the door with Gucci sneakers, someday.

And someday, she’ll take her commitment to something much, much bigger. Just like her dad.

Because she knows it works.