Leadership, Power June 14, 2017

Did you really say that?


There is a Chief Officer of a fast growing company who occurs to herself as “I get shit done.” And who she is, and who she has been throughout her life and career, is “I get shit done.” She’s a builder, a creator, a person who can be counted on by others to … deliver. Most importantly, she can count on herself.

There is a Vice President of another company who occurs to herself as an entrepreneur. And yet, her entire career has been within a corporate structure. She is a creator, a mover, a change-maker; someone who can be counted on to see a need and go build it. She IS an entrepreneur within her company.

There is a woman who has had a rapid and meteoric rise in her direct sales company, to the very top of hundreds of thousands of people. My theory is she occurs to herself as someone who is convicted about and devoted to her system, her product, her team, and the results she sees. It works.

I know many people who occur to themselves as not having will power, or the consistency to follow through with a project, a diet, a task, because it’s just “who they are.” And they’ve “always been that way.”

In order to upgrade the experience of your life, it’s crucial to know where you are now. How you see yourself. The words you speak. How you talk to yourself and others.

“I get shit done.”

“I consider myself an entrepreneur, a creator.”

“I know this works.”

“I usually start things like that but don’t finish. I just don’t have the will power. Or the time.”

How, and if, we see ourselves as creators of our destiny, our lives, our careers, our relationships is directly related to:

how we speak

what we say

the declarations we make

what we are committed to

what we tell ourselves about who we are.

How you occur to yourself


who you are Being.

It comes through in your language. The language you use with other people, and most importantly, the words you say to yourself.

Watch your words…they leave clues on the trail to who you are.

Be aware of your words. Observe them, look at them, question them.

Listen to yourself.

Your language creates who you are.

{you matter}