Leadership, Power, The Essentials January 24, 2018

The Gift of Uncertainty

Photo by Lukas Becker  on Unsplash

What can you be certain of?

Really….like, totally 1000% for sure.

The sun rising tomorrow morning? Ok, the sun does seem to rise every day.

Will you get hungry at lunchtime? Yep, if that’s what you believe will happen, and you have evidence to prove it in your mind, the odds are stacked in your favor of getting hungry by noon.

But can’t even these include some tiny speck of uncertainty? Yes, the earth is spinning and we are orbiting the sun, but does anyone, anywhere know for absolutely sure that will continue forever? Or even tomorrow? Who knows? We have scientific evidence to prove theories and calculations for future events, but do we really know a thing will happen?

What if you don’t get hungry at lunch tomorrow? Will you assume because it’s lunchtime that you are hungry, or will you actually listen to your body and respond to what is occurring? What if you listened to your body and only actually became hungry once tomorrow? What if you were only slightly hungry four times but not enough for an actual meal?

How many times have you thought something was definitely going to happen and it didn’t? How many times were you sure a thing would definitely not happen, and there it is?

What if we don’t really know for sure, about anything?

The human mind loves to know for sure. It loves to calculate and control and know and analyze and gather information and more information. All of this processing can be helpful in decision making. (If you don’t get paralyzed by fear of starting.) It does seem to work best to have some clarity before opening that new business or starting that new venture.

Then, the thing that doesn’t usually happen…

just let go.

What if you could operate from the place of “I don’t know.” I don’t know if it will work. I’m committed to it. I’m taking all the necessary required actions. I’m clear in my desire and in my purpose. I’ve done everything and I’m being who I need to be to get my desired result.

And, now . . . time to let go and see what happens.

We think certainty will give us peace, stability, structure, an exhale.

We have all those things already in us. The uncertainty is where life is. It’s where the passion and purpose and the feeling of being alive is imploring us to pay attention.

There’s just no way to know how a thing will go. Not really. The only thing I can be certain of is who I will create myself to be in it. The impact I can make by my being present and coming to it with love and power. And if I think that I can control it with my knowledge, I’m operating with constraint and limitation.

In the space of I Don’t Know, there is the possibility of infinite creation. A way of being that sees itself able to identify a desire, become clear on the intention, develop purpose, acquire passion and achieve a result you never dreamed possible.

That only lives in the land of uncertainty.