Be happy first

Asheville – June 2017

That’s really it. Not much more needs to be said.

Real happiness. Deep joy.

This is not Pollyanna. It’s a simple decision that can change your life.

When I come from that place, when I place Happiness first in front of anything, no matter the circumstances, life works better.

Even in pain. Even in darkness. Even when there is suffering, disagreement, challenge, confusion, agitation, frustration. I know these states are temporary. With inquiry and breathing, I can see the lesson, listen from my inner compass and be with what’s happening as it is.

When I can hold joy as my foundation, there is less judgment of myself and others.

It’s a stand to take that informs absolutely every aspect of life.

It wasn’t always this way for me. But now that I can remember it, feel it, taste it, smell it, know it, dance with it, I experience Joy as creative feminine power.

Whether you are standing in the boardroom or the bedroom or any room, coming from “My nature is joy, power and ease, and life is happening,” transforms any situation.

One of the great gifts of being a woman is the ability to hold different emotions at once. But it’s important to have clarity as to their meaning and message, as to not be overwhelmed and whipped around by their presence. When we remember that our true nature is joy, and have a remembered experience of what that feels like in the body, we can come back to that place as a source. It’s always there. It’s powerful, playful, sensual, sensitive, intuitive, truthful, courageous and capable.

A warrior’s capacity for strength, with angel wings of grace.

Strong back. Soft front. Open, fierce heart.

We don’t have to choose. We can lead with it all.

It’s important we do.