Leadership, Power, The Essentials February 7, 2018

A real question

Photo by Mikito Tateisi  on Unsplash

Much of my time is spent living in questions.

In my own inner world and with clients.

Not searching for explanations or answers, but entering powerful questions and listening for what arises.

This is solitary work. Even in a committed partnership with brilliant communication, even with friends who love the same types of questions I do. Even with my own coaches and teachers.

The truth I seek can only come from the deepest places in my own heart and body.

No one can give me directions to a path that hasn’t been cleared.

I’m not looking to follow a common path, full of common answers and common hacks and common programs and fitting in to what is normal.

My desire is to blaze a trail.

It’s my job and my job alone to see the destination, cut away the brush and place the stones into a life that is true for me.

The questions aren’t what we think.

It’s not about looking for or waiting for or how to develop the confidence, or the steps to take, or the instructions to follow, or the book to read, or product to sell.

The real question is —

How sincere is your desire to live your own truth?